Timberplay bespoke play to be opened at new school in Newton Mearns

Timberplay Scotland have recently completed installation work at the new build school site in Newton Mearns. Maidenhill Primary School is set to open for the new school term in August 2019. In partnership with landscape architects at BDP, we have installed two bespoke play elements within the school grounds. Along with this we have installed some low key play features within the landscape.

The centrepiece of our work at Maidenhill is a bespoke outdoor classroom, which is very playful! Timberplay Scotland have worked closely with BDP, main contractor BAM and specialist carpenters, Handspring Design to create the unusual building. The creation provides vital outdoor storage space for Forest Schools equipment, as well as outdoor learning space. Excitingly, the structure can also be traversed via climbing holds and a speedy decent is possible via a Tunnel Slide from the top deck area!

A water play element has been provided to assist with learning about this fundamental element, as well as offering great play value within the playground. A Playground Pump is powered only by children, and they can then follow the water on its journey via lock gates which they can create. We worked closely with BDP to ensure the design functions and provides a low maintenance solution for the school.

Finally, we have supplied a Large Playhouse on Stilts and some play tunnels. These more subtle play elements allow children to use their imaginations through play and to explore the landscape. The playhouse can be anything the children can dream, and provide a quiet space during busy lunchtime play sessions. The tunnels, which are specially adapted for play are set within the landscaped areas, providing children with the ability to explore.

We’ll have some more photographs soon…

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