‘My World Outdoors’

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‘My World Outdoors’ is the new resource from Care Inspectorate highlighting the importance of outdoor play in children’s early years services.  We are passionate about children’s ability to play and have fun while also learning and developing in the outdoors so wholeheartedly welcome the move.

The ‘My World Outdoors’ resource is absolutely chock-a-block with research findings, examples of good practice, further reading and lots of sources of information helping services use outdoor play to enhance the wellbeing and overall growth of children.

As well as laying out stats and points showing how beneficial it is for kids to have access to stimulating outdoor activities, ‘My World Outdoors’ also does a lot to qualm many anxieties shared by both parents and daycare workers.  Highlighted is the fact that risk is essential to a child’s development, and encouraging youngsters to explore things through trail and error will build coping strategies and resilience.  It’s important for them to not be wrapped up in cotton wool!

Fantastic for encouraging others to increase learning through outdoor play, the resource gives examples of childminders, nurseries and after-school services which are achieving highly in inspections and in children’s grades (outdoor-based services are achieving higher grades than the national average for children’s daycare).  It then gives hints and tips at what others can do to improve the kids’ experience as well as enhancing the services’ grades.


Check out the ‘My World Outdoors’ resource here!

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