Free guide to help improve play spaces

A ‘Free to play’ guide has been launched in a bid to assist communities groups in the development of play spaces.

The guide which was recently revealed at the Scottish Parliament has been put together by play experts, Theresa Casey and Timberplay Scotland’s Harry Harbottle.

Aimed at Friends of Parks groups, community councils, community planning partnerships, groups of local parents, carer, professionals and youngsters who have identified the need for an improved space to play, the guide offers essential advice on how to improve a play area.

The guide promises to:

  • Ensure that all children and young people, including those with additional support needs, can exercise their right to play in their local communities.
  • Help the quality and inclusiveness of public play areas, making them welcoming community gathering places and ensuring that they are utilised as important community assets, promoting health, wellbeing and a sense of community.

The guide provides advice from step one of the initial planning, through to the design of the play area and construction . It provides reminders, tips, templates and advice for what needs to be done next.  It also provides signposting to organisations that can help with fund raising and further advice.

Mark Grimshaw from Timberplay Scotland said: “This is a fantastic guide which is going to be an essential tool for any group looking at developing a play space. Play spaces that are designed with communities in mind are crucial in the development and growth of an area.

“We look forward to working with, and supporting communities across Scotland in their pledge to create play areas that are accessible and enjoyable for all.”

The guide is supported by Play Scotland, Inspiring Scotland and the Nancy Ovens Trust in support of the Play Strategy for Scotland. The three charities are passionate about children’s right to play and the huge benefits quality outdoor play spaces can have on children’s development.

You can download the ‘Free to Play’ guide, for free, here. Or contact us for more information and a hard copy. 

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