Exciting News: Concrete product update

Richter Spielgerate, Timberplay Scotland’s manufacturing partner has launched an exciting new update to their current concrete product range.

Concrete offers a versatile material choice for public spaces, and its complex structure allows children to explore their sense of touch.

Mark Grimshaw of Timberplay Scotland says; “Concrete is perhaps an unusual material for people to associate with Richter, but their long-lasting principals remain.

“The concrete products offer robust play solutions whilst providing very high levels of play value. Some products are completely unique like the Stroking Stones, which are a fantastic playful addition to public spaces and playgrounds. Others, such as the Rope Course offer a robust solution to existing timber products within the range.

“Installation and maintenance of these products are straightforward, and of course the craftmanship associated with the Richter brand remains extremely high.”

Please download the brochure here , or email us for more information.

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