Dumfries House Inspires Ballymena School Project

Our sister company Nature Play Ireland has completed an extensive play space project for a school in Ballymena, Northern Ireland… inspired by our work at Dumfries House.

Castle Tower is a school for pupils with a range of ages and educational needs. They needed a variety of sensory, reflective and more physical play spaces to meet the different needs of the pupils. Nature Play Ireland responded with a variety of play areas within the school grounds, each offering different play experiences for different children.

Castle Tower School in Ballymena

Castle Tower teacher Aleck Ford said:

“Outside play is an absolutely essential part of school life at Castle Tower and playgrounds are an incredible learning space for our children so I felt it was really important that we picked the correct equipment. One visit to Dumfries House (Ayrshire) created by Nature Play was all it took for me to know that the Nature Play equipment was exactly what we needed for our new school. It has superb play value, is well built and looks great.”

At Dumfries House we created a multisensory play space incorporating the natural elements – earth, wind, fire and water. The space quickly became popular with local children, and is particularly enjoyable for children with sensory impairments.

Find out more about our projects at Castle Tower and Dumfries House, and get in touch to discuss appropriate play equipment for your space.

Play area at Dumfries House, designed by Timberplay Scotland
Photos by Ross Gilmore
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